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Get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100!

Meta updates

We wanted to inform you about an unfortunate incident regarding Jen's personal Facebook account, which she uses to manage our Facebook and Instagram accounts. On June 13, we discovered that her account has been subjected to a sudden 30-day restriction without any prior warning or opportunity for appeal.

After engaging in multiple discussions with Meta, the company behind Facebook, we have determined that the restriction was likely imposed because Jen was actually trying to help someone. A close friend's account was compromised and used to post over 20 spam messages. In an effort to assist both our friend and Meta, Jen took the initiative to report each spam message. Unfortunately, this well-intentioned action ended up causing Meta's automated systems to flag Jen's account as a potential bot or spam account, resulting in the 30-day restriction.

Despite our best efforts, Meta has refused to lift the restrictions and has warned that any further activity may jeopardize Jen's account.

Given this situation, we have been forced to take drastic measures. We kindly request that you consider following us on Twitter or subscribing to our email newsletter (which you can find in the bottom area of this page) to be added to our mailing list, if you haven't done so already.

We understand that it may be a significant ask to request your presence on an alternative platform, but we believe that the freedom and flexibility afforded on Twitter will enable us to maintain better communication without the current restrictions. We will continue to share important announcements and provide exclusive glimpses into our business and personal life. We sincerely hope that you will join us.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Jen and Chris