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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas!

Personalized Note Card

A Mother’s Angels® Rose ornament beside an envelope with a personalized note card, showcasing the thoughtful touch of gift messaging and the warmth of a personalized thank you note.We're thrilled to introduce personalized note card gift messaging options!

After adding an ornament to your cart, simply click to add or edit a personalized note card. Check the "Add a Custom Gift Message" box and enter your message (200 characters max). To remove, uncheck the box.

Please review your message carefully as we print it exactly as entered. Once ordered, we can't make changes.

Our gift messaging cards measure 3.5"x2", featuring the Forged Flare® logo and a floral design. Each card comes with a colored envelope, placed atop your packaged order.

A personalized thank you note peeks out from an orange envelope, placed next to a Mother’s Angels® ornament showcasing a vibrant rose motif. The handwritten message on the card expresses heartfelt sentiments, enhancing the thoughtful gift messaging experience. Both the note and the ornament are elegantly presented on a wooden surface, with a hint of greenery in the background, symbolizing a warm and personal touch.

An open box from Forged Flare® containing a beautifully crafted Mother’s Angels® ornament with a rose design, packaged neatly beside a personalized note card. The orange envelope hints at a thoughtful personalized thank you note inside, complementing the gift messaging theme. The box, filled with vibrant orange filler, sits on a wooden table, creating a warm, inviting presentation with a window and flowers in the soft-focused background.