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Shop Mother's Day Gift Guide | FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85!
Shop Mother's Day Gift Guide | FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85!

About Forged Flare®

Jen and Chris Street, small business owners of Forged Flare®, smiling on their About page, creators of unique Mother's Day gifts and memorial gifts for loss.Small business owners Jen and Chris Street launched Forged Flare® in North Texas amidst the 2020 pandemic. It specializes in handcrafted Mother’s Angels® figurines and ornaments. Each piece embodies enduring love and cherished memories, making it ideal for Mother's Day gifts and memorial gifts for loss.

"We're on a mission to help make someone's day, every day, by creating meaningful collectibles that make people feel seen, appreciated, and loved."

- Jen Street, Founder & Creative Director

Chris placing a hat on Jen's head.

Gift-Giving Is a True Art Form

We're here to help you perfect it.

We’re Jen and Chris, the husband-and-wife artist team behind Forged Flare®. We make one-of-a-kind handcrafted angel collectibles for people who believe that great gift-giving is a true art form. We’ve been a team for more than 20 years, from collaborating on class projects back in our college days to turning our car into a dragon for Halloween. Our creative journey continues with Forged Flare®, adding a vibrant chapter to our 20-year artistic collaboration.

As Seen In

Chris holding a Calla Lily Mother’s Angels ornament.

It All Started With a Birthday Gift

Chris knew he wanted to give his mom something special and truly one of a kind for her upcoming birthday. Something handcrafted, from the heart, that really said, “Mom, you mean the world to me.”

We’d bought our very first laser cutter during the early COVID-19 days and we were itching to try it out. Chris’s mom adores angels — in fact, she has a whole collection of them. So Chris designed an angel with a beautiful stained glass–style calla lily at its center. We used our new laser cutter to bring it to life. (Full disclosure: I stood over Chris with a fire extinguisher in hand the first time he tested out the laser cutter. Ya know, juuust in case it blew up or something.)

The final product gave us goosebumps. We knew Chris’s mom would like it, but we never could have imagined just how happy it would make her.

Cue the choir of angels … that moment of immense gratitude and joy sparked the idea for Forged Flare® and inspired our popular Mother’s Angels®.

Each Mother’s Angels® collectible angel is meant to commemorate a meaningful moment, memory, or milestone, whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or showing some love to our healthcare workers.

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Our Process

Our process is structured, scientific, and empirical. Just kidding — it’s actually the opposite.

Usually, we’re doing something mundane when an idea for a design hits one of us. Then we bounce the idea off the other, build on it, and decide who does what.

While our creative process is pretty relaxed, our commitment to delivering you the most high-quality quality is anything but. We most definitely channel our inner perfectionist when it comes to just about everything that represents the Forged Flare® brand, from sourcing the best materials for our handcrafted angels to going above and beyond making them.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, receiving a perfectly packaged creation from Forged Flare® is a true experience.

Our Materials

We are obsessed with quality, both in the materials we use and the way our product is presented. That’s why we tested out A LOT of frogs before finding our royal lineup of premium, artist-approved materials, from sapele plywood to top-of-the-line acrylics that deliver a mesmerizing 'dances-in-the-sunlight' appearance.

Jen and Chris sitting on a sofa.

💖 Our Story 💖

We’ve been joined at the hip for a long time. Allllll the way back to our days in college. It was touch and go at first, what with Jen judging Chris for being late to class and Chris secretly judging Jen for baking him cherry-flavored cupcakes on Valentine’s Day. (Chris HATES cherry-flavored anything.) But we eventually realized we were meant to be and have been there for each other ever since.

Our Founders

Jen Street, Co-Founder of Forged Flare.


Jen previously worked with some of the world’s biggest brands as a web and graphic designer. She ventured out on her own a couple years ago and founded Forged Flare®. She has never looked back.

Chris Street, Co-Founder of Forged Flare.


Chris is a full-time animator (he’s worked on a whole gamut of styles from fluffy and friendly animated feature films to gory demon-slaying video games). You’ve seen his work on films and video games. He even has his own page on IMDB!

Studio Assistants

Team member headshot of Angie.


Angie has had a variety of careers ranging from an advertising executive to a mortgage lender. Currently, she manages her husband Philip's music career. When she’s not working, she enjoys vacations and hanging with her two cats, Cayman and Jeepers.

Team member headshot of Julianna.


Julianna is currently pursuing a choral music education and vocal performance degree at the University of North Texas College of Music. When she’s not singing or working, Julianna loves spending time with her friends and her dog, Groot.

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