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Get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100!
Keepsake gifts to honor the life and love of someone dear. A mother and daughter holding a dragonfly Mother’s Angels ornament.
Keepsake gifts to honor the life and love of someone dear. A mother and daughter holding a dragonfly Mother’s Angels ornament.
Mother's Angels® are comforting gifts for ...

Gifts for remembrance and celebration of life.

Miscarriage & infant loss

Celebrate the greatest love of all with gentle reminders.

Celebration of life

Beautiful mementos to honor your loved one’s life.

Monarch Mother’s Angels ornament hanging on an ornament hanger on a desk.

The bond you’ve shared will never break.

Grief is extremely personal.

That’s why we’ve created Mother’s Angels® collectible angels with many different designs, colors and symbols. No matter what type of loss you are grieving, there is a Mother’s Angels® design that will connect just with you.

Grief is hard. We don’t always know what to say when someone we know has suffered a loss. Let a Mother’s Angels® keepsake speak for you. Our handcrafted angels, meant to be displayed year-round, make a thoughtful bereavement gift.

Grief is unique. Some people believe birds or butterflies bring messages from their loved ones. Others find solace through the language of flowers. Symbols such as hearts or religious themes bring comfort too. Mother’s Angels® are heartfelt gifts for your loved ones, and they are meaningful celebrations of life for you too.

Grief is yours. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, and there is no single memorial gift that’s right for everyone. This Memorial Gift Guide includes suggestions for Mother’s Angels® designs that have comforted others.

Birth month remembrances.

A birth month flower is such a comforting reminder of a loved one's presence.

Winged reminders that their love is always present.

Memories take flight with beautiful birds, butterflies and dragonflies.

Angels for miscarriage & infant loss.

Birds, butterflies, and even birth month flowers celebrate the greatest love of all.

Mother's Angels® help to heal broken hearts of those who receive them.

I love it! My grandchild Nayeli was stillborn last year and this ornament was perfect as a memory gift since her Mom chose to remember her with an annual sunflower garden. Thank you! I’m so glad God led me to your business.


I’ve ordered 4 of these now at different times, all of them for gifts. Each was given for a very specific purpose and the recipients have been extremely touched by the personal meaning behind them. The angels are beautifully made and just so special!


I loved and bought the last two purple angels with two hearts - gave one to my best friend who just lost her son after a year of fighting brain cancer (he was only 42 with 3 young children in Texas) and one for myself so that we both think of each other all year round!!! Thank you for being part of a special time in our lives.