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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas!

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Add a custom gift message to your order for that special touch.

Once an ornament has been added to the cart, there is an option to add — or edit — a custom message. Simply check the "Add a custom gift message" box and type in your message (200 characters or less). To remove a custom gift message from your cart, uncheck "Add a custom gift message".

We print exactly what is written, so please be sure to double-check for any errors. Once an order is placed, we are not able to make any edits.

Each gift messaging card size is 3.5"x2". It has the Forged Flare logo on the bottom left and a decorative floral design on the bottom right. Each card comes in a colored envelope and is placed at the top of the packaged order.

SizeMother's Angels® are approximately 3.5" tall, 3.25" wide, and 3/8" thick.

Product Details
  • SizeMother's Angels® are approximately 3.5" tall, 3.25" wide, and 3/8" thick.
  • Handcrafted in Texas. Variations in the wood and acrylic—such as wood grain, knots, patterns and texture—guarantee that no two ornaments are exactly alike.
  • Materials: Sapele plywood veneer, Acrylic (inspired by stained glass, but considerably more durable), MDF, Decorative string
  • An exquisite selection for every precious moment in life: memorial gifts for the loss of a mother, father, grandparent, or loved one; birthday present ideas for someone special; compassionate acknowledgments for pregnancy loss, miscarriage, child and infant loss; celebratory rainbow baby gifts; a graduation present for her; thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts; and unique keepsake Christmas presents.
  • Ornament stand not included. Because of their flat bases, Mother's Angels® are able to stand on their own!
  • Revolving base not included. This is to present a 360° view of the angel figurine.
More About Our Collectibles
  • Handcrafted in Texas, our Mother’s Angels® make a genuinely thoughtful gift for that warm, fuzzy, “Best Gift Ever” feeling. 
  • Every angel ornament is designed by Jen & Chris, a husband-and-wife team.
  • Each angel figurine is meant to be displayed all year long.
  • Display your angel suncatcher in a window, on a sill, or hang it from a hook. Collect multiple angel ornaments as a statement piece to adorn your desk or shelf, bringing vibrant pops of color to your space!
  • Enhance your holiday home decor with our angel ornaments—ideal for embellishing your Christmas tree, fireplace mantle, holiday wreath, or garland.
  • A three-layered design that looks great from both the front and back, display your angel suncatcher near a window for optimal enjoyment.
  • Each angel ornament comes in its own retail packaging, perfect for gift-giving.
  • We source both foreign and domestic materials from small businesses around the United States
  • Don’t let copycats fool ya. Our original designs bear the Forged Flare® logo on the back.
  • Caution: Contains small parts. Not suitable for young children.
  • Some clients say our collectibles carry a faint campfire-esque scent. This is totally normal as a result of the laser-cutting process (and we think it only adds to their charm!).

Orders ship quickly — usually next business day!

With a variety of designs meant for all occasions, we make it easy for you to give the perfect gift.

Someone who is grieving lovingly holds a purple butterfly memorial gift.

Perfect as Memorial Gifts and for Celebrating Life's Precious Moments

Birthday Gift • Memorial Gift • Miscarriage Gift • Infant Loss Gift • Christening Gift • Baptism Gift • Adoption Gift • Wedding Gift • Bridal Shower Gift • Going Away Gift • Baby Shower Gift • New Mother Gift • Graduation Gift • Dorm Room Gift • New Job Gift • Holiday Gift • Christmas Gift • Mother's Day Gift • Father's Day Gift • Thank You Gift • Anniversary Gift • Engagement Gift • Bible Study Gift • Book Club Gift • Pet Loss Gift • Housewarming Gift • Congratulations Gift • Retirement Gift • Just Because Gift

Discover unique gift ideas for women and sympathy gifts other than flowers with our angel figurines and ornaments. Perfect for displaying all year, these unique gifts for women can be placed on a shelf or hung in a sunlit location.

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Original Designs Handcrafted in Texas

Carefully removing the protective masking from the acrylic to unveil the vibrant colors of the Monarch Butterfly Ornament.
Jen carefully puts the shiny, see-through wings onto the Monarch Butterfly Ornament. This step helps make each butterfly ornament look beautifyl and ready to fly. It's an important part of creating this design in the Mother’s Angels® collection.
For the Monarch Butterfly Ornament in the Mother’s Angels® collection, Jen carefully places the front piece of sapele wood. This step adds a beautiful, natural touch to each ornament, making it even more special.
Jen fits the orange acrylic pieces into the design of the Monarch Butterfly Ornament from the Mother’s Angels® collection. This step in the design process brings the vibrant colors and patterns of real monarch butterflies to life, making each angel figurine truly captivating.
Jen and Chris showcase a stunning array of Mother’s Angels® ornaments, featuring the delicate Monarch Butterfly, the graceful Dragonfly, and the elegant Calla Lily designs. Each piece, with its unique beauty, highlights their craftsmanship and the vivid details that make these ornaments a treasure in any light.

"We're on a mission to help make someone's day, every day, by creating meaningful collectibles that make people feel seen, appreciated, and loved." - Jen Street

Founder & Creative Director, Forged Flare®

Crafting Angel Figurines: Behind the Scenes of Our Monarch Butterfly Ornament Assembly

Watch the mesmerizing assembly process of our handcrafted Monarch Butterfly Ornament. Each piece fits together like a puzzle, creating a stunning and intricate design.