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SAVE when you purchase a Springtime Bundle. Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on orders $100+. Shop Now >
SAVE when you purchase a Springtime Bundle. Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on orders $100+. Shop Now >
Magical Milestone. A family hugs a newly graduated girl.
Magical Milestone. A family hugs a newly graduated girl.
Made in the USA.

Handcrafted by a husband-and-wife team in Texas

Display all year.

Our Mother’s Angels® are meant to be displayed year-round.

Stand not needed.

Sit the angels up or hang them anywhere.

Fast shipping!

We do our best to ship next business day!

Two girls and a boy happily run off the school bus.

An accomplishment to celebrate.

As the classroom doors close behind your grad, a whole new world is opening up. What a moment to cherish! 

Graduation means so much more than walking the stage in a funny hat. It’s the culmination of effort and time spent working to acquire an education. It’s boldly taking that next step with a sense of purpose while also remembering the moments and relationships forged along the way.

Graduation is significant.
Celebrate your grad’s achievement. Whether you've watched them grow up or
have journeyed alongside them, take time to mark this milestone with them. It’s
truly once-in-a-lifetime.

Stepping up to the next level.
Maybe your student is still in school and is celebrating moving up to the next grade level. Hard work and perseverance have paid off, and these moments have led your student to this place.

Everyone who attends school deserves to celebrate making it to the end of the year. After an all-too-short break, your student will be back in the classroom, so enjoy this moment while you can!

College, high school, trade school, any school.
A major chapter in life is coming to a close for your student or grad, and it’s important to honor and remember it. An education opens doors — but before they take that next step, take a moment together to reflect and rejoice.

Graduation is a time to say thanks.
Graduation gifts aren’t only for grads! No one goes it alone — teachers, mentors, friends and loved ones help see us through. Now is the perfect time for students and graduates to say thanks to those who have positively impacted their lives.

Give them wings so they might fly.

With hard work and perseverance, they can reach for their dreams.

Birth month ornaments remind them where it all started.

Celebrate with a symbol of hope for the future.

Off to college? Brighten their dorm room.

Handmade suncatcher ornaments to celebrate your student.

Every gift tells a story.

Every student’s and graduate’s journey is unique. Our handmade ornaments are too.

I am super impressed with the craftsmanship of these ornaments. They are absolutely gorgeous and a very unique gifts to celebrate successes and to remember wonderful memories.


I have niece graduating soon as a RN and I can’t wait to give this to her. All nurses are angels!


My third grade grandson gave this to his teacher, who loves angels . . . She loves it, she has taught so many in our family and loved that we know her so well.


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