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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas | Perfect as a Graduation Gift!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas | Perfect as a Graduation Gift!

Why We Are Supporting Susan G. Komen®

Mother’s Angels® ornament for breast cancer awareness month, a thoughtful breast cancer gift supporting Susan G. Komen, symbolizing hope for survivors and patients.At Forged Flare®, we stand with every breast cancer survivor, patient, and those affected by breast cancer. Our Mother’s Angels® Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon ornament serves as a heartfelt breast cancer support gift. Each sale supports Susan G. Komen®, showcasing our commitment to this cause. We believe in doing our best to help make a difference, especially during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Our support aims to uplift those affected, fostering hope and solidarity. Together, we can conquer this challenge, one ornament at a time. Join us in this vital mission.

A wooden angel ornament with a pink ribbon stands before soft floral blooms, a gentle nod to breast cancer awareness.

Joining The Fight Against Breast Cancer

At Forged Flare®, we've lovingly crafted the Mother’s Angels® Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon ornament with a heartfelt mission in mind. Designed with the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, this ornament holds a special place in our collection, especially for breast cancer survivors, breast cancer patients, and those affected by breast cancer.

We’re thrilled to announce that purchasing one of these ornaments does more than just brighten your home. It’s a gesture of support and solidarity with breast cancer survivors and patients. From 5/1/2024 to 4/30/2025, Forged Flare® will donate to Susan G. Komen® 30% of the purchase price for each product sold.

This isn’t just any breast cancer gift; it’s a symbol of hope and the loving community standing with those in their fight. Your choice to bring this special angel figurine into your life or gift it to someone special is a powerful way to show care and make a tangible difference.

Let's join hearts and hands by spreading love and encouragement to those who need it most.

A pink ribbon angel ornament rests on a book, a meaningful gift symbolizing hope and support for breast cancer awareness.

The pink ribbon angel ornament has become one of the most requested designs in our history, a creation we've held close for years.

Even though we created the design itself several years ago, we haven't brought a physical version of it to life until now. It was essential for us that if we were to create an angel symbolizing such a powerful message, it needed to be more than just an ornament—it needed to give back.

That's why, in 2024, we were thrilled to partner with Susan G. Komen®. Our collaboration has allowed us to finally launch this much-anticipated design, turning a long-awaited concept into a reality, and making a meaningful contribution in the fight against breast cancer.

About Susan G. Komen®

In 1980, Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan, that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. In 1982, that promise became the Susan G. Komen® organization and the beginning of a global movement. What was started with $200 and a shoebox full of potential donor names has now grown into the world’s largest nonprofit source of funding for the fight against breast cancer. To date, they've invested nearly $3.6 billion in groundbreaking research, community health outreach, advocacy and programs in more than 60 countries. Their efforts helped reduce deaths from breast cancer by 43% since 1989 and they won’t stop until their promise is fulfilled.

Susan G. Komen® Mission Statement

Our mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.

What Others Are Saying About Mother’s Angels®

I gave this to my granddaughter who is going to vet school. She loves it. Also can give one who has lost a pet to bring good memories.

Ann Z.

I have sent this ornament to many who have lost their furry companions, cats and dogs. Everyone who has received it loved it and the memories it brings.

Priscilla T.

I bought this for myself. I volunteer and foster for an animal shelter. This couldn't be more perfect!

Michelle N.

The Running Ribbon is a registered trademark of Susan G. Komen.