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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas!

Sending a Gift and Paying With PayPal?

If you are sending a gift to a different address (or recipient) than your own and are using PayPal, please note that both the shipping and billing address will be listed as the recipient's address on the order confirmation and packing slip (no pricing information is included).

This is due to a known limitation with PayPal, and unfortunately, we have no control over how this information is displayed. Be assured that the charges will be applied to your PayPal account, and the recipient will not be charged. We recommend informing the recipient in advance that they will be receiving a package from Forged Flare® from you to avoid any confusion.

In some cases, gift recipients puzzled by an unexpected package have reached out to us, seeking details about the sender. Their frustration grows when we explain that privacy policies prevent us from sharing this information. To avoid such confusion and guarantee a pleasant gifting process, we suggest letting the recipient know in advance about the surprise on their way to them.