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Shop Mother's Day Gift Guide | FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85!

Share Your Special Moment

Carnation Mother's Angels ornament

Stories That Honor Milestones and Memories

Our Mother's Angels and fairies have touched so many lives. Almost daily, we receive messages with some of the most emotional and beautiful stories we've ever read. 

When we started Forged Flare, we never anticipated the comfort that our designs have brought to so many lives (your words have brought tears to our eyes). They're absolutely beautiful stories, and we wanted to share some of them in a special section of our website. 

This section is entirely dedicated to stories by real people who have either received — or gifted — one of our ornaments and are willing to share their story. This is a space where others can come to read stories of comfort, love, hope and joy. A space to honor your milestones and memories.

Your Stories

"My husband and I dreamed of growing old together..."

My husband and I always dreamed of growing old together in our cabin in the woods, but those dreams were shattered when he passed away from cancer at just 43 years old. I like to imagine his heavenly abode is a cozy log cabin where we will be reunited someday to spend eternity together. This angel with the stained glass log cabin is just the perfect way to capture that vision.

(Warm Welcome Mother's Angels® ornament)

"We recently lost our mother."

She was 90 and the best mother anyone could have. She and my sister both have birthdays in February. I gave this ornament to my sister. I told her I hoped that when the sun shines through it each day, that it reminds her of Mom and the love she had for us.

Kathy from Pennsylvania
(Kathy gifted a Violet Mother’s Angels® ornament to her sister.)