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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas!
Marking our emails as spam hurts us.

Marking our emails as spam hurts us.

We love that so many people have chosen to sign up to receive our newsletter! I still remember our first subscriber. Granted, it was my mom, but still.

So, you've signed up for our newsletter.

Perhaps you've seen one of our ads, came to our website, and then signed up to receive a discount.

Maybe you're interested in our ornaments and wanted to find out more about Forged Flare.

Or perhaps you've signed up just to make the popup go away (I mean, popups can be so dang annoying!).

Breakups are hard, but we understand. Really!

We understand that relationships change. Perhaps you no longer want to receive our emails. Perhaps you just signed up only for that coveted new subscriber discount, and no longer plan on purchasing from us. Whatever the reason is for wanting to go our separate ways, we understand!

We just ask that you please don't mark our emails as spam.

Why shouldn't I mark your emails as spam?

Marking an email as spam is quick. It's super easy. The "Mark as Spam" button is RIGHT. THERE! One simple click and you'll never have to see our emails again!

However, did you know that doing this tells email service providers such as Google and Outlook that our emails aren't worthwhile and that marking them as spam actually causes other people not to see them?

When an email is marked as spam, emails that include that sender's domain — the website listed after the @ symbol in an email address (in this case — is more likely to go straight to the Spam or Junk folder (never to be seen!). Sometimes the email doesn't even get that far and the email service provider flat out will not deliver it ANYWHERE. This is considered blacklisting. Once this happens, it is incredibly hard to get yourself removed.

It is extremely time-consuming to go through this process (and when you're a small business like us, time is precious). In addition, not much urgency is given to small business appeals. Email deliverability is incredibly important to us as it is our main line of communication to you — our customer!

It also is very frustrating because we take every step to make sure that our customers aren't automatically added to our newsletter (we also never purchase lists). Anyone who signs up to receive our newsletter has to physically respond to the confirmation email that is sent after filling out our subscription form on the website.

It's just bad etiquette to sign up, confirm that you want to receive a newsletter, and then ultimately mark someone's emails as spam.

How can we stop receiving emails?

Simply unsubscribe! :)

It's actually super easy. Every email that we send includes a link at the very bottom of the email to unsubscribe:

Just tap the Unsubscribe button, follow the prompts, and you're done!

If you find that you are still receiving emails, please fill out our contact form and let us know so that we can completely remove you.

If this is the first time you're finding out email etiquette — that's totally fine! You've learned something new. We've ALL marked emails as spam at some point. Just try to reserve it for emails that truly are spam— you know — like the ones contacting you about your car's extended warranty. ;)

In conclusion...

If you haven't signed up for our newsletter, we'd love to have you join our "insider club". You can sign up here.

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About Jen Street

Jen Street is the Founder & Creative Director of Forged Flare®, a business that specializes in creating unique ornaments that are reminiscent of stained glass. Handcrafted in Texas and perfect for gifting, her Mother’s Angels® ornaments make people feel seen, appreciated, and loved. Sign up for the newsletter and save on your first handmade ornament today.

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