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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas | Perfect as a Graduation Gift!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $85! | Handcrafted In Texas | Perfect as a Graduation Gift!
Amanda Leavitt, Founder of Cerulean Tides

Amanda Leavitt, Founder of Cerulean Tides

Intro by Jen Street, Founder of Forged Flare

Amanda has been a crucial part of my journey with Forged Flare from the very beginning. When I first entered the world of laser crafting, her company, Cerulean Tides, stood out as a go-to supplier for unique acrylics. I was delighted to discover that Amanda was not just the owner but also a business powerhouse.

Her beautiful products have consistently impressed me, making her one of my trusted suppliers. But our connection goes beyond business. Amanda and I have become friends and confidantes, sharing insights and experiences as small business owners. Her commitment to exceptional customer service sets a high standard. Supporting small business owners and teams like Amanda's is at the core of what we do at Forged Flare. Here's to thriving through collaboration!

Amanda Leavitt, Founder of Cerulean Tides

Meet Amanda

I am an educator, a maker, a creator, and among other things, I am a supplier of colorful acrylic and art supplies, which allows me to connect with such an amazing group of diverse crafters, artists, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Amanda Leavitt posing in front of shelves stock with acrylics of every color.

After graduating college with a degree in marine biology, I accepted a position as a middle school science teacher. I found myself spending a lot of my own money on hands-on learning activities to complement our curriculum. So after a lot of research on machines and inspiration from my sisters, I took a chance on my creative dreams by investing in a laser so I could create custom pieces on my own using materials such as acrylic, wood, leather, tile, cutting boards, rubber, metal blanks, and more! I was definitely hooked! I really gravitated towards the colorful world of acrylic and found it so easy to work with. It can be transformed in many ways as a thermoplastic and offers effortless beauty.

Amanda Leavitt cutting acrylic.

As my laser-design skills advanced, I wanted to add more colors and materials to my projects, but sourcing color was limited. Eventually, I started ordering larger sheets from manufacturers and suppliers who started cutting them down for me …and the now-growing laser-maker communities online I started to serve. As quickly as I wanted to expand my material library, so did fellow makers! Business was starting to take off so I took a leap of faith in myself to become a full-time entrepreneur and laser-supply dealer.

Amanda Leavitt's first location.

I initially started Cerulean Tides in 2019 from my living room (storing my first few acrylic colors in a TV unit). In 2020, I leased half of an office space in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and then expanded into the entire unit. One year later, I opened a second location in Stuart, FL which allowed our company to expand into offering new products and services! Today, I am awaiting the completion of our largest location to date in Pompano Beach FL, which will allow us to condense all operations into one beautiful brand-new facility.

New Cerulean Tides location.

Cerulean Tides became known for their growing, laser-safe, & colorful acrylic collections, but has recently begun adding complementary products such as wood, leather, magnetic sheets, adhesives, masking, standoffs, engravable pens, and more! We assist our customers with design, color matching, ideal laser settings, choosing the right adhesive, and most importantly, how to share & showcase their projects. Soon, we will be expanding our services to include workshops and vendor markets so our customers can further hone their skills and display their talents. We love to inspire through color, quality, and support with ready-to-ship laser crafting materials. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all things color so our customers can create a life they love. If you’re one of them, visit us online for 24/7 laser-supply shopping.

 Amanda Leavitt holding up a large sheet of acrylic.

Also just around the corner, you will be able to stop by our new showroom to take it all in and leave with a trunk full of creative supplies… or you can take advantage of our easy and friendly local curbside pickup.

Contact Info:

Facebook: @ceruleantides
Instagram: @ceruleantides

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